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Church Services and Events

Sunday Divine Service is held every Sunday at 6.30pm.


Awareness Class every Monday at 7.30pm.


Spiritual Healing takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm

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"Spirit in Action"

Belfast Spiritualist Church

"Spirit in Action"


 Platform Workers
 22/10/17  Sunday Divine Service  Marie Fitzpatrick & Marie Martin  6.30pm - 8pm
 29/10/17  Sunday Divine Service  Fionula, Lorna and Fra  6.30pm - 8pm
 05/11/17  Sunday Divine Service  Debbie Griffin  6.30pm - 8pm
 12/11/17  Sunday Divine Service  Claire Zirrit  6.30pm - 8pm
 19/11/17  Sunday Divine Service  Friday Circle  6.30pm - 8pm
 24/11/17  Evening Mediumship  Paul Jacobs CSNU  See Pat James
 25 & 26/ 11/17  Workshop  Paul Jacobs CSNU  See Pat James
 26/11/17  Sunday Divine Service  Paul Jacobs CSNU  6.30pm - 8pm
 03/12/17  Sunday Divine Service  Tuesday Circle  6.30pm - 8pm
 10/12/17  Sunday Divine Service  Declan Flynn  6.30pm - 8pm
 17/12/17  Candlelight  Service  Angela Dunlop  6.30pm - 8pm


During Divine Service there is a free will offering. 

There is tea and coffee served after every Divine Service.